Welcome to All Things Thrifted! All items in this collection are second hand and have been carefully handpicked. Here you will find a wide variety of new-ish and vintage items such as home decor, clothing, accessories, and so much more! As always, we strive to provide affordable prices, but we refuse to set a price that will destroy the integrity of the brand. Each item will be priced according to wear and tear. If there are any visible issues with a piece, it will be in the description of the item. 


1.) All sales from this collection are FINAL. We do our best to provide detailed descriptions and measurements. Please read all descriptions before purchasing. If you have any questions about an item, please email us.

2.) Absolutely NO HOLDS.

3.) Prices are NON-NEGOTIABLE

4.) Second hand items can only be found in this collection. All other collections on our website are brand new for retail.

5.) All brands will be 100% authentic. If no brand is mentioned on an item, that just simply means a brand is undetected.